Adda Lee

Pedicure. is an experimental performance piece where I was inspired to challenge myself in executing a narrative with limited exposure/ utilization of the rest of my body and facial expressions. I wanted to give the ordinary task of painting ones nails an ambiguous and satirically sexualized lens. I aimed to create a scene that parallels our current reality but may be slightly off key to the senses. I’m playing with themes of sexuality and kink in a tongue and cheek manner while also addressing heavier topics of voyeurism under a sexist and patriarchal regime. I chose to create a flat and centered composition with a soft spotlight that’s inspired by show girl and songstress motifs of performing hyper femininity. The starting pose is a hyperextended point with a free standing, upright egg that mimics a high heel. If the foot/character decides not to perform femininity there will be obvious consequences much like everyday society. The makeshift, prop, glitzy anklet is used for visual interest and to also further the 50s and 60s actresses inspired character/ choreography of the adorned, beloved, coveted and successful femme identity that is known as the “Man Eater” or “Siren”. I add an “un-lady like” action of stomping that is transformed/ read as a violent action because of the surprising element of the blood splattering out the egg that is sealed with a kiss of approval by the patriarchy. The egg as a prop can represent how under a patriarchal lens, only cis gendered women are recognized. Additionally, the only value cis women have is their fertility and with it, are measured by how f*ckable they are. The ‘violent’ stomp movement is essentially a declaration of no longer choosing to be a 1 dimensional character and is a jarring climax that permanently disrupts the male gaze. The character is blood stained and can no longer continue their passive role as societies play thing. The femme identity is to be feared by their voyeurs. I believe the first tool femmes and all marginalized bodies must regain and tap into is their own anger that can and will be weaponized if called upon.

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